کالج کارآفرینی تیوان

افعال عبارتی (Phrasal Verbs) با Forward

Bring forward

جلو انداختن، پیش کشیدن

Syn. Arrange to have earlier (e.g. a meeting)


They’ve brought the meeting forward to this Saturday.

آنها ملاقات را تا این شنبه جلو انداختند.


Put forward 

پیشنهاد دادن، مطرح ساختن

Syn. Make a suggestion , etc.


I’d like to put forward a proposal for improving sales.

مایلم طرحی را برای بهبود فروش مطرح کنم. 


1)Take after (somebody)

(to resemble somebody else, usually a family member)

Mark is so hot-headed. He takes after his father.

2)Take apart

(to disassemble something)

He took his laptop apart to see if he could fix its problem.

3)Take back

(to admit wrongdoing)

You're right - I take back what I said, it was totally inappropriate.

4)Take down

(to dismantle)

It's time to take down the Christmas tree until next year.

5)Take (somebody) in

(to allow someone to stay in your house)

They took in the refugees while they found a more permanent place to stay.

(to be deceived or swindled)

She was taken in by all his lies.

6)Take (something) in

(to observe something)

They took in every detail to tell their friends about it later.

(to make a piece of clothing narrower or tighter)

She had lost weight so the dress had to be taken in more at the waist.

7)Take off

(to leave the ground and fly)

The plane was able to take off once the runway was clear.
When does the plane take off?

(to become popular or successful)

That new song by Samantha Star has really taken off in the charts.

(to leave a place quickly - colloquial)

Sorry, but I have to take off now since my partner is waiting for me at the restaurant.

8)Take on

(to hire/employ)

The department store took on more staff over the busy Christmas period.

9)Take out

(to remove)

The robber took out his gun and shot the guard in the bank.
He took the onion out of the sandwich because he doesn't like it.

(to go on a date with someone)

Where is he taking you out? - We're going to that new restaurant on Woodward street.

10)Take over

(to take control of something)

Fabio Capello has taken over as the new manager of the football team.

11)Take up

(to begin a sport, hobby or a challenge)

He took up karate at a young age and is now an expert.

(to fill space)

That sofa takes up a lot of space in the living room.