The difference between HOUSE and HOME

Something that confuses people learning English is the difference between HOUSE and HOME

A HOUSE is the BUILDING where the majority of people live. It normally has bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and a dining room.

A HOME is a PLACE where someone lives. Normally it is a house but it can be other things too: a narrowboat (a boat on a canal which someone lives in), a caravan (a house which is similar to a van or truck, which can be driven around) or an apartment (a kitchen, living room, dining room and bedroom(s) in a building that has other apartments in it). Home is often associated with a family and/or the place you feel attached to.

Types of Houses

There are many types of houses. One of the most common is a detached house – a house which stands on its own and touches nothing else).

Another type of house is a semi-detached house (called a duplex in the US). This type of house touches another house on one side, and they share the wall between them.

A common house in London is a terrace house (called a row house in the US) which touches another house on both sides.

A fourth type of house is a bungalow (called a ranch house in the US). This type of house only has one floor and doesn’t have any stairs. They are uncommon in the UK because they take up a lot of land but they are more common in the US.

So a HOUSE is a building where many people live and a HOME is the place you live.

Animals have homes but they don’t have houses (apart from dogs – a doghouse is the small wooden house where a dog sleeps outside).
What do we call a fox’s home? A den (the hole in the ground where a fox lives).
And a rabbit? A warren (the maze of tunnels underground where a large group of rabbits live).