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.New research on the power of smiling

پژوهش تازه درباره قدرت لبخند

There are any number of sayings about the power of the smile. ‘Peace begins with a smile.’ ‘A smile is the universal welcome.’ ‘Life is short but a smile only takes a second.’ All good advice. But it may not be as simple as that. According to new research, if you want to make a good impression when you meet people, it’s not just that you smile. It’s how you smile.

The study was carried out by the Go Group, a business support organisation based in Scotland. They looked at people’s reactions to different grins. They found that responses varied considerably.

Through this they say they have found three types of smile to avoid: The first is ‘The Enthusiast‘, very wide, all teeth showing, possible evidence that you canhave too much of a good thing. Then there is the ‘Big Freeze’, a fixed grin that looks practised and fake. Finally comes ‘The Robot’, a small, thin smile, lacking in warmth.

The group also warns about smiling too quickly, saying it can make you look insincere. The best smile, they say, is slower and floods naturally across the whole face.

a second
یک لحظه، یک ثانیه

to make a good impression
اثر خوب و مثبت به جا گذاشتن

خنده ها، نیشخندها

responses varied considerably 
واکنش ها بسیار متفاوت بود

to avoid 
پرهیز کردن، اجتناب کردن

علاقمند، مشتاق

have too much of a good thing
در اینجا: بیشتر از آن خوب به نظر می آید که بتوان باور کرد

غیرواقعی، جعلی

lacking in warmth
بدون احساس، فاقد گرمی، در اینجا: لبخند سرد

در اینجا: (در سراسر صورت) پخش می شود، پهن می شود