CRACK TOEFL iBT (Speaking) – Unit One

Some people like to watch the news on television. Other people prefer to read the news in a newspaper. Still others use their computers to get the news. How do you prefer to be informed about the news and why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your response.

Sample response:

I like to get informed about the news from varied sources depending on the occasion and circumstances. When I’m very tired and there’s no energy left, I like to relax, lay back and watch TV. Then not fully alert and conscious, I follow the news. Actually, when I’m eating dinner or I’m tired but I don’t feel like sleeping, I watch the TV news. Even if I don’t get the words, I follow the pictures and I scan the news to get a rough idea about what’s going on around me!

I sometimes feel like reading a newspaper particularly when I have some idle time on the plane or at the airport especially if I’m stuck there because of a long delay. I read some items selectively and I’m satisfied to some extent that I’m not assaulted by unwanted and undesirable news imposed on me.

I sometimes like reading newspapers because they help me not forget the words and that my passive knowledge of vocabulary turn to be active and not dormant. However, if I really want to follow the news and I have access to the Internet, then I can browse different sources. Then I make cross-comparisons to push away biased news and find out the real news not eclipsed or distorted by the mass media. Getting news via the net is my ultimate choice.

Todd: Tennessee!


Todd: We're gonna talk about sports.

TennOK. I'm not big on sports, but.

Todd: OK, well, that's OK. So you, you don't like sports.

TennWell, I like sports but I'm just not an avid, uh, sports watcher. You know I would usually rather watch a movie or some kind of history program.

Todd: Oh, OK. So you're into history.

TennOh, yes!

Todd: OK. What kind of history?

TennThat's a kind of a difficult question. I would say, ah, interested, primarily I interested in ancient and mideval but I also like studying the history of the countries that I have visited it makes it more interesting when I go sight-seeing.

Todd: OK. What countries have you visited?

TennI've been to 26 countries.

Todd: Really!


Todd: Oh, OK. Yeah, you can't name them all.

TennThe big ones I would say, I've been over a good bit of Europe, ah, Mexico, Peru, I spent almost a year in Egypt and I went to Isreal, Jordan, and now I'm here in Japan. I've been here in Japan for a year and a half. And while I have been here, I visited Korea for about a week.

Todd: OK. Wow. That's a lot so did you do the Pyramids in Egypt?

Tenn: Oh, yes. Actually, I climbed the pyramids.

Todd: Oh, really. Nice. What's it like on the top?

Tenn: Very, very interesting. You can see, ah, it was during the summer so the visibility was rather low.

Todd: Oh, OK.

Tenn: But, to see, we were on The Great Pyramid, and the second Pyramid, Kefron, was right near by, and it is a very different perspective to see it from, interesting to be eye-level, to be on the same level as the top of that second pyramid.

Todd: OK. Wow! So you were in Peru, right?


Todd: OK. What's the big thing people see in Peru?

TennMachu Pichu.

Todd: Machu Pichu. OK. What is Machu Pichu?

TennMachu Pichu is the ruins of a city that was built by the Inca People.

Todd: OK.

TennOver three...six hundred years ago, and was lost, no one knew what happened to it. until it was recently discovered about a hundred years ago.

Todd: OK. Wow. Nice. Alright, thanks a lot David


Todd: Or Tennessee.

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