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Useful Sentences for TOEFL Essay Writing:


1) Introduction

• I do strongly support the idea that …

• I do completely agree with the statement…

• There are a lot of reasons for the choice and I would like to put them in
the following way

• Although "XYZ" has its advantages, in my point of view, …

• There reasons are as follows

• As far as I am concerned, I prefer the latter for the following argument



2) Body

• To begin with, …

• Secondly, …

• The third advantage of "XYZ" is also the most important reason.

• One important aspect of "XYZ" is …

• Another equally important thing about "XYZ" is …

• First, …

• Second, …

• Third, …

• One reason for supporting "XYZ" is

• Last but not least, …

• In a "EFD" perspective, …

• Additionally, …

• Above all advantages there is only one disadvantage. It is that … But it does not matter for me.



3) Conclusion

• In conclusion, …

• From all those reasons above, …

• So based on all the above mentioned point, I think it is better to …

• To sum up, …

• All in all, as far as I am concerned, I agree to say that …



CRACK TOEFL iBT (Speaking) – Unit One

Some people like to watch the news on television. Other people prefer to read the news in a newspaper. Still others use their computers to get the news. How do you prefer to be informed about the news and why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your response.

Sample response:

I like to get informed about the news from varied sources depending on the occasion and circumstances. When I’m very tired and there’s no energy left, I like to relax, lay back and watch TV. Then not fully alert and conscious, I follow the news. Actually, when I’m eating dinner or I’m tired but I don’t feel like sleeping, I watch the TV news. Even if I don’t get the words, I follow the pictures and I scan the news to get a rough idea about what’s going on around me!

I sometimes feel like reading a newspaper particularly when I have some idle time on the plane or at the airport especially if I’m stuck there because of a long delay. I read some items selectively and I’m satisfied to some extent that I’m not assaulted by unwanted and undesirable news imposed on me.

I sometimes like reading newspapers because they help me not forget the words and that my passive knowledge of vocabulary turn to be active and not dormant. However, if I really want to follow the news and I have access to the Internet, then I can browse different sources. Then I make cross-comparisons to push away biased news and find out the real news not eclipsed or distorted by the mass media. Getting news via the net is my ultimate choice.


IELTS writing TASK 2 

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Using a computer every day can have more negative than positive effects on your children.

Do you agree or disagree?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.
model answer:

I tend to agree that young children can be negatively affected by too much time spent on the computer every day. This is partly because sitting in front of a screen for too long can be damaging to both the eyes and the physical posture of a young child, regardless of what they are using the computer for.

However, the main concern is about the type of computer activities that attract children. These are often electronic games that tend to be very intense and rather violent. The player is usually the ‘hero’ of the game and too much exposure can encourage children to be self-centred and insensitive to others.

Even when children use a computer for other purposes, such as getting information or emailing friends, it is no substitute for human interaction. Spending time with other children and sharing nonvirtual experiences is an important part of a child's development that cannot be provided by a computer.

In spite of this, the obvious benefits of computer skills for young children cannot be denied. Their adult world will be changing constantly in terms of technology and the Internet is the key to all the knowledge and information available in the world today. Therefore it is important that children learn at an early age to use the equipment enthusiastically and with confidence as they will need these skills throughout their studies and working lives.

I think the main point is to make sure that young children do not overuse computers. Parents must ensure that their children learn to enjoy other kinds of activity and not simply sit at home, learning to live in a virtual world.

(273 words)

Writing Sample 

(You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.)
(Scientists and the news media are presenting ever more evidence of climate change. Governmnets cannot be expected to solve this problem. It is the responsibility of individuals to change their lifestyle to prevent further damage.)
What are your views?
You should write at least 250 words.
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
******model answer:
Recently scientists worried about climate change have urged governments to introduce measures to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are seen as its main cause. Simoultaneouslty, politicians and environmentalists have urged individuals to make changes to their lifestyle. I shall argue that governments and individuals should take join responsibility for this problem.

Firstly, industry accounts for a large proportion of the greenhouse gas emissions, and this can only be controlled by government action. Measures could be taken to discourage pollution, such as limiting or taxing the use of fossil fuels. Alternatively, subsidies could be offered to industries to clean up their production processes. If these ideas were adopted, I believe that businesses would regard pollution as a financial issue.

Secondly, only discussion between governments can ensure that solutions are successful. The Kyoto agreement, for example, tried to reach global agreement on how to address the problem. Without such co-operating, it seems to me that efforts to reduce fuel consumption are unlikely to be effective.

However, national and international policies will only secceed if individuals also change their lifestyle. For example, people could think more carefully about how they use energy in their homes. By using less electricity, installing energy-efficient light bulbs and electrical appliances, or investing in solar panels, individuals can make a real difference.

In addition, I think individual attitudes to transport need to change. Instead of making short tips by car, people could choose to walk, cycle, or take a bus. Since cars are a major source of the problem, changing our behaviour in this area would have a major impact.

In conclusion, I would maintain that only a combination of international agreement, national policies, and changes in individual behaviour will succeed in preventing further damage to the environment.
(291 words)

Writing Sample for TOEFL?

art or environment?

Frankly speaking, both art and environment are the most important things for human beings. But, if I want to choose which one is more vital than other, I absolutely choose the environment. However, art is one of the best forms of recreation that can calm emotion of people and help them to improve the quality of life, but I think that environmental issues are more urgent and essential for human life. There are numerous reasons to bolster my point of view. In the following paragraphs, I will explore a few primary ones.

In the first place, I would like to emphasize that the most important subjects which scientist concern about it is the possibility of human life in future. There is no doubt, all of us are aware of the harmful damages which humans consciously or unconsciously have inflicted on the earth. Humans are considered the most intelligent of species due to the their advanced and complex brain. Otherwise, they are also the most selfish from all of the creatures. Mankind during their life has done a lot of damages to the environment due to his selfish activities for having the comfortable and convenient life. For instance, deforestation in a large scale to build dwellings or structures has distracted the balance of ecosystem. Or consuming numerous natural resources without regarding the fact that whether these remain resources can meet the needs of our descendant or not. Hence, it is time for us to rectify these damages before it is too late and human beings encounter with serious problems in future.

Besides, the other issue of concern which is vital for human is depleting ozon layer in Antarctica due to the human interference. Using a lot of chemical material for having the better conditions of life has had damaging effects on ozon layer. 

Therefore, due to its damages, harmful Uv ray of the sun can reach the surface of the earth directly and causes skin cancers and other mortal diseases. Hence, attention to this phenomenon should be set in the primary policy of each countries.

To put in briefly, from the reasons which I mentioned above, we could say that however, art is a very important aspect of human life, but the environmental issues are more serious, and need more money than art do. Consequently, governments should promote the protection of our environment by donating funds generously and organizing campaigns to undo the harmful actions that we have done.

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