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Show consideration for someone

رعایت حال کسی را کردن.

a kind way of behaving that shows you care about other people’s feelings and needs


You should show consideration for elderly people

شما باید رعایت حال افراد سالمند را بکنید.

10 ways to say you don’t like something smile emoticon
1. I dislike it
The most similar way of saying “I don’t like it”. It can also seem very direct and could cause offense to some people.
For example:
I dislike the way he talks to me
Greta dislikes the taste of pistachio ice cream
2. I’m not into it
This sentence is more casual. Saying you are not into something means you do not find it interesting or attractive.
For example:
I’m not into skinny jeans this season
James asked Irina to go with him to the football game but she’s not into football, she likes rugby
3. I’m not fond of it
“To be fond of” means having a liking for or love of something or someone. So, not to be fond of something means you don’t like it very much. It is also quite informal.
For example:
Since Ben had the accident, he’s not very fond of going skiing
I’m not fond of combining purple with orange
4. I’m not crazy about it
This sentence is similar to the one above, “to not be fond of something”.
For example:
I don’t think Tanya is crazy about working extra hours
Pauline, I’m not crazy about this cake, it tastes strange
5. I don’t appreciate that
This way of expressing dislike is great for professional and serious conversations, as well as for making polite requests. “To appreciate” means to be grateful for something, so what we are saying is “I am not grateful for this situation”. See? A lot more polite.
For example:
I don’t appreciate being shouted at in public
Helen did not appreciate her gift, she thought it was inappropriate
6. It doesn’t tickle my fancy
This is an idiom and it means to amuse, entertain, or appeal to someone; to stimulate someone’s imagination in a good way. So when we say something did not tickle our fancy, it means we did not find it appealing, funny or interesting.
For example:
That comedian’s sense of humour doesn’t tickle their fancy
I love that Halloween party concept but the idea of having blood everywhere doesn’t tickle my fancy, it’s a bit gross
7. I’m disinterested in that
We use this sentence if something simply does not interest us.
For example:
My friends are all disinterested in politics
Her boss is disinterested in all her ideas
8. That’s not for me
A neutral way of explaining that something does not appeal to you, that you are not interested.
For example:
Everyone loves the series Lost but it’s not for me
The new fashion trend of high-wasted skirts is not for me
9. I’m not a big fan of it
“To be a fan of something” is an expression lots of people use and most people understand. But to say “I’m not a big fan” is not as common. Of course, it means we do not like something very much.
For example:
I’m not a big fan of the new James Bond
Don’t ask her to go to the Japonese restaurant! She’s not a fan of sushi
10. I’ll pass
This is a quick way of saying we are not interested in a suggestion.
For example:
Do you want to come to the pub?” “Nah, thanks, I’ll pass
Who wants to participate in this project?” “I have too much work right now, I’ll pass, thanks

عبارات مختلف برای گفتن دوستت دارم : 

different Ways To Say I Love You In Other Romantic Words:
I adore you
I’m affectionate for you
I’m attached to you
I’m enchanted by you
You’re my enchantment
I burn for you
You fill my heart
I’m fond of you
You’re my missing piece
You’re the only one for me
I’m totally devoted to you
I’m infatuated with you
I’m mad about you
You’re all I see
I’m passionate about you
I’m enraptured with you
I relish you
You’re the light of my life
You’re my soft spot
I’m tender for you
I’m wild about you
I worship you
You’re my everything
I admire you so much
I adulate you
I more than care for you
I cherish you like nothing else
I delight in your company
No one matters but you
I dote on you
I’m falling for you
I fancy you
I only have eyes for you
I’ve flipped over you
You’re my hero
You make me feel young
You’re on my mind
You’re wonderful to me
You’re adorable to me
You amaze me
You blow me away
You electrify me
My feelings are overwhelmed by you
You make my life worth living
You’re my inspiration
You make me feel good about myself
I’m stupefied by you
I idolize you
I long for you
You’re my treasure
I delight in you
I glorify you
I laud you
I have a flame for you
You’re my object of affection
I marvel in your presence
I dig you
I totally go for you
You’re just my style
You’re my prize
I hold you in reverence
I venerate you
You comfort me
You nourish me
I enshrine you
I hold you dear
I honor you
You nurture me
You sustain me
I want you so badly
I’m crazy about you
I’m nuts about you
You’re my one and only
You’re everything to me
You complete me
You make me whole
I luxuriate in you
I need you more than anything
You’re special to me
You make me whole
I’m nothing without you
You’re the air I breath
I’ve looked for you my entire life
I miss you so much
I would be lost without you
You’re my savior
You’re my stars and moon
I’m bedazzled by you
You’re my aphrodisiac
I’m sweet on you
I glory in you
I savor every moment with you
I’m infatuated with you
I’m beguiled with you
I’m besotted by you
You carry me away
I’m charmed by you
I’m hooked on you
I’m intoxicated by you
You’re my indulgence
You’re my obsession

16 Ways to say “I Like It”:

1. I’m into it 
this means you’re interested in an activity or a subject. 
E.g. I’m really into playing football, I’m really into The Beatles, I’m really into Kung-Fu movies…
2. I’m keen on it 
this just means that you’re interested in it, you like it, you want to learn more about it. 
e.g. I’m really keen on playing the guitar, I’m keen on her, I’m keen on movies by Quentin Tarantino
3. I’m fond of it 
this means you like it because you’ve liked it for a long time, and you have an emotional attachment to it. 
E.g. I’m fond of my pet dog, I’m fond of my car, I’m fond of my family photos
4. It appeals to me 
this means that it sounds/looks good or it’s a good idea.
E.g. living in Hawaii appeals to me.
5. It goes down well (with people) 
this means that other people like something that you do.
E.g. This joke always goes down well, the presentation went down really well with the class.
6. It’s to my liking 
this is just a formal way to say I Like It
7. I’m partial to it 
this means I like to eat or drink something, maybe too much.
E.g. I’m partial to a glass of wine. I’m partial to a nice cake
8. I’m crazy about it 
I just love it! I love doing it!
E.g. I’m crazy about playing the drums. I’m crazy about her.
9. I’m mad about it 
this is the same as “I’m crazy about it”
10. I’m attached to it 
this means I like it and I don’t want to live without it. I’d feel sad if I lost it.
E.g. I’m really attached to my mobile phone – I always have it with me.
11. I’m passionate about it 
this means I’m really interested and excited about it. 
E.g. I’m passionate about the music of Miles Davis. I’m passionate about doing charity work.
12. I’m addicted to it 
this means I like it so much that I can’t stop doing it. 
E.g. I’m addicted to playing PlayStation 3. I’m addicted to this TV programme. (we also use ‘addicted’ in a negative way – e.g. addicted to drugs, addicted to cigarettes)
13. I’ve grown to like it 
this means you didn’t like it before, but slowly you have learned to like it. 
E.g. I’ve grown to like the music of Radiohead.
14. I’ve got a soft spot for her 
this means that you like someone a little more than you like other people. 
E.g. My grandmother always had a soft spot for my sister. She was always her favourite grandchild.
15. I fancy her/him 
this means you think someone is attractive, sexy, good looking. E.g. I really fancy Rachel McAdams (see picture below) – I think she’s gorgeous…
16. I can’t get enough of it 
this means I love doing it and I don’t want to stop 
e.g. I can’t get enough of this TV programme, I can’t get enough of Luke’s English Podcast!!


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