Conversation at Bank
It's Saturday morning and Joan's gone to the bank.

Joan: I'd like to open a bank account, please.
Cashier: Certainly. Do you have some form of identification?
Joan: Yes, I bought my passport. Is that OK?
Cashier: Yes. We also need proof of your current address. Do you have a utility bill or your driver's licence with you?
Joan: I've got my driver's licence.
Cashier: That's fine. What kind of account did you want?
Joan: Well I want two, a deposit account and a savings account.
Cashier: That's fine, we do both. Do you have any proof of income?
Joan: Yes, I bought my pay slips for the last three months.
Cashier: Good. You could also apply for a credit card at the same time, if you like.
Joan: Yes, that would be great.
Cashier: OK. If you would just like to fill out these forms...