Conversation: Hotel Reservation

Desk Clerk: Welcome to the Peachtree Plaza. Do you have a reservation?

Maria: Yes, I do. I’ll be staying for two or three days.

Desk Clerk: Are you here for business or pleasure?

Maria: Could you please speak more slowly?

Desk Clerk: Is this a business trip or just a vacation?

Maria: Both, actually. My aunt died recently in Atlanta. I’ve come to take care of her estate

Desk Clerk: I’m sorry for your loss. We’ll make your stay here as worry-free as possible

Maria: Thank you

Desk Clerk: We have room 758 reserved for you. Will you be paying with cash or a credit card?

Maria: A credit card. Here it is. What’s the rate?

Desk Clerk: $129.00 per night. There’s also a complimentary continental breakfast

Desk Clerk: I need to make an imprint of your credit card

Maria: How do I get to my room

Desk Clerk: Take the elevator on the right to the seventh floor, and turn to your left after you exit the elevator

Desk Clerk: The room will be on your right. A bellman will bring up your bags