Expressing Your Opinion: 
Example Sentences:

-In my opinion, the white curtains look better.

-I think that we should go to the concert now.

-As far as I’m concerned, Amy is not coming today.

-I’d suggest that you change the way you think about that.

-I believe that he is a great singer.

-Personally, I think they should fire her.

-If you want an honest opinion, you have cooked better before.

-In my mind, we need to read the book before we do the assignment.
**personally, I think:
(used for emphasizing that you are giving your own opinion.)

**as/so far as I’m concerned:
(used when you are giving your opinion about something, especially when this may be different from other people’s opinions.)

**if you want my advice/opinion:
(used for emphasizing that you are giving someone your honest advice/opinion, perhaps without being asked for it)

**if you ask me:
(used before you give someone your opinion about something)